Pennsylvania Ness
Football superstar, Pennsylvania Ness, is at the height of his career. Young and handsome, with a beautiful girlfriend, Pennsylvania is on top of the world. But all that changes when his girlfriend’s timely words, uttered just prior to his untimely accident, render the football hero blind in the most curious of ways, leaving him reliant upon Excalibur, a male organ that has a mind of its own. It’s the biggest weekend of his life and if Pennsylvania Ness is to remain everyone’s hero, he will need all the help his three blundering friends can provide, not to mention the love and disastrous devotion of his repentant girlfriend.

It’s Sydney in the 60s and the nuns and lay teachers at Saint Cyril’s Primary School have never heard of Tourette Syndrome – and neither has schoolgirl Marea Morgan, the child who constantly blinks, twists her mouth, licks her lips - and is always in trouble. Primary education is a roller coaster ride for Marea, from her first morning in Kindergarten with kind-hearted Miss Blaine, to her final conflict in Sixth Class with strict disciplinarian, Mother Mary Macarius. Marea fits into the system but constantly places herself in harum-scarum predicaments that lead to painful consequences. She enjoys and endures, is rewarded, is cruelly punished. She has her revenge.